73, 75 & 77 Plantation Road

Design Concept

Nestled in lush woodlands just minutes from the top of the Peak, 75 Plantation Road offers breathtaking harbour vistas combined with the tranquillity of Peak living. To maximise the building frontage and capture those panoramic views, fan-shaped plans were developed for the three houses on the site. Each house was given unique features according to its relative position on the land, while the houses together present a unified appearance in terms of finishes and elevation treatment.

Perched on the hilltop against the green backdrop of the mountain, the houses were designed like airy pavilions, offering generous overhangs for shade and large cantilevers accommodating amenities such as semi-covered pools and gardens. The access road weaves around the supporting columns of the cantilevers up to a south-facing entrance fore-court, while an intermediate level below provides all the necessary parking spaces and utility plant areas.

Despite the project’s small scale, building here raised a number of challenges. Due to the remoteness of the location, the site formation and foundation works proved an arduous process, compounded by the difficulty of manoeuvring heavy machinery within such a small site. The finished project, however, shows only the ease of a gracious style of living.