Haven of Hope Woo Ping Care & Attention Home


The Haven of Hope Woo Ping Care & Attention Home is a 6 storey building situated on Pui Shing Lane in Tseung Kwan O.  The building comprises of 320 beds Care & Attention Home and a Health Maintenance Centre for the elderly.


The Home is run by the Haven of Hope Christian Service which provides a safe and supportive home for the frail and in firm elderly.  Based on an integrated service, the Home provides on inter-disciplinary and resident orientated service.


In this project, the prime concern is to study and develop a functional relationship between the residents and staff.  Areas are grouped so that all bedrooms could be observed by a nurse who would provide immediate attention to the resident if necessary.  To reduce the noise / air pollution by traffic at Pui Shing Lane, all bedrooms at the Care & Attention Home is set back.  The activity / exercise and clubrooms are situated facing Pui Shing Lane which also acts as a noise / air buffer from traffic at Pui Shing Lane to the bedrooms.


The Home includes a health domestic centre providing the public, as well as the residents with healthcare.  A dementia care unit with a dementia garden is also provided which will be regarded as a prototype for other domestic units throughout Hong Kong.  The dementia care units has been strategically design In collaboration with advise from specialist consultant provided by Haven of Hope Christian Service.  The layout was designed to provide a looping circulation system to which the dementia residents could exercise without any confusion.  Special design emphasis was placed on material finishes and surface treatment which was designed not to allow any confusion to the demented residents.


The surrounded area comprised of towering / colourful residential and public buildings.  To provide a distinctive identity to the Home, the exterior has extensively explored.


The final composition integrates surface articulation and colours emphasizing internal spaces and site condition.  The interior for each level is colour coded with cheerful colours to provide a lively atmosphere to the residents.  The landscaping designed to provide therapeutic environment for the elderly with special themed spaces located around the external landscape area.


The colours and articulation in this project provides a blend spatial qualities to be enjoyed by the residents which is lively and interesting.


As result the Home is a prominent object amongst the towering jungle of residential blocks.  The Home caters both for the special needs of the elderly of the surrounding neighborhood as well as the elderly residents of the Home.